Find Better Days through Music:

All lessons are hosted on Zoom at a convenient time for students and your instructor.

Lessons include a PDF File with notes, covered topics, and guitar tab. Lessons can cover a variety of topics including:

- Technique / Theory

- Exploring Creativity / Songwriting

- Anything you would like to learn more about!


With over 10 years of teaching and performance experience music
has held a special place in my life and that passion shows in my 
collaborative approach to teaching.

My students and I work together to discover their musical goals whether that be performing live, jamming with friends, or expressing themselves with the creation of their own music.

I have taught students of all ages privately and as a instructor with Studio E. and The Hamilton Collective. 

Together I know we can take great steps towards your musical goals no matter your experience level. 

Together let's make better days through music!

Your Instructor,