Voyageur (Side A)

In August 2022 I traveled to Canada's east coast, landing with my family in Nova Scotia about forty-five minutes outside of Halifax. After twenty-two hours in the truck, at least a dozen cups of coffee, and a handful of roadside companions I had everything needed to write what would become my Mom’s favourite song, Voyageur. Now it can be yours as I’m proud to announce the release of this new single on August 25th 2023 and you can Pre-Save it here

Voyageur is about being kind to one another. While each of us walk our own pathways through life that impact our perspective, and daily coffee intake, no one makes it to the other side without some scars. Each of these mile markers like a road map traced onto our skin showing the steps we've taken and the storms we have weathered. 

This song has joined me on stage over the last year, gaining more miles, sorry, kilometers as I strummed through its progression allowing it to follow its path. I recorded this song live in my apartment delivering a few unique takes of the track, letting it be its own entity captured into my computer, with each recording. 

After experimenting and teaching myself more about my recording software, Logic, with every take I laid down Take #9. Dismissing after first listen because of the bumps within it and eventually embracing it for the exact same reason. My goal since releasing my first song, “Try,” has been to capture specific performances and just try stuff. 

I hope you enjoy this song, at least half as much as my Mom does, and helps you remember to hold a few doors open along the way. 

See you around the bend, Voyageur


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