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Voyageur (Side A)  

In August 2022 I traveled to Canada's east coast, landing with my family in Nova Scotia about forty-five minutes outside of Halifax. After twenty-two hours in the truck, at least a dozen cups of coffee, and a handful of roadside companions I had everything needed to write what would become my Mom’s favourite song, Voyageur. Now it can be yours as I’m proud to announce the release of this new single on August 25th 2023 and you can Pre-Save it here

Voyageur is about being kind to one another. While each of us walk our own pathways through life that impact our perspective, and daily coffee intake, no one makes it to the other side without some scars. Each of these mile markers like a road map traced onto our skin showing the steps we've taken and the storms we have weathered. 

This song has joined me on stage over the last year, gaining more miles, sorry, kilometers as I strummed through its progression allowing it to follow its path. I recorded this song live in my apartment delivering a few unique takes of the track, letting it be its own entity captured into my computer, with each recording. 

After experimenting and teaching myself more about my recording software, Logic, with every take I laid down Take #9. Dismissing after first listen because of the bumps within it and eventually embracing it for the exact same reason. My goal since releasing my first song, “Try,” has been to capture specific performances and just try stuff. 

I hope you enjoy this song, at least half as much as my Mom does, and helps you remember to hold a few doors open along the way. 

See you around the bend, Voyageur


Music, Community, and Coffee - Third Space Coffee House  

When I began performing my music out in public I fell in love with Open Mics and the community around them. It was not long into this journey that I began hosting my own events Songwriter's Lounge in Hamilton, Mahtay Matinee, and different Songwriter Round events throughout Hamilton and Niagara. 

After starting these events my own open mic or event was added to my list of plans for 2023 and now I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a Monthly Coffee House in partnership with Third Space Cafe!

At events I often talk with performers of about music, community, and what people enjoy most about sharing with others. Amongst the conversations the phrase “Coffee House” has been brought up quite often. My new friends would describe coffee houses as warm welcoming events for artists of all disciplines to share their creations with an invested audience. Often taking place in a space free of the usual distractions of a busy restaurant or bar.

After meeting with Lisa, the Executive Director of Third Space Cafe, we quickly agreed that a Coffee House would be the perfect event to collaborate on. With this monthly Coffee House our aim is to create a safe space for all performers to be vulnerable while sharing their work no matter how far into the process they may be. The Coffee House will take place in the Listening Room giving our audience the opportunity fully engage in and enjoy the performances. 

A huge thank you to Lisa and Third Space Cafe for collaborating with me on this event and providing another space for the community to share and connect through music, art, and of course coffee. A special shoutout to my sister, Emma, for all her hard work on the promotional material for this and all of my events, your support means the world. 

For more information about the Third Space Cafe Coffee house please reach out to myself or the cafe any time through my website or social media. 

Performers are asked to prepare a 15 minute set and bring along their instrument of choice. On site we will have amplification for vocals, acoustic instruments, and a house keyboard. Performers can also sign up ahead of time online through my website contact form and include “Third Space Coffee House” in the subject line. Spots will also be available for walk in performers. 

I look forward to seeing all the talent and art the creative community has to share with us and hope that you can make it out for our first Third Space Cafe Coffee House on Friday June 23rd 7:00-10:00pm. 

Let's keep making better days.



Third Space Cafe

4345 Queen Street
Niagara Falls, ON, L2R 5J3
(289) 296-9557